Next Show – Flora & Fauna : A Celebration of Botanical Burlesque!

I’ve neglected to update this site enough this year but I’m so excited for the shows I have booked for the rest of 2017 that I’ve become committed to sharing them all on my website.

Next up is Flora & Fauna : A Celebration of Botanical Burlesque!20643224_477472112587542_8756142008346829774_o.jpg

Bringing the naughtier side of nature to the stage:
Zora Von Pavonine
Angelique DeVil
Lola Coquette
Mona DePlume
Kit Katastrophic
Dee Dee Pepper
Luz de la Concha
Hosted by Clementine Peel

Tickets available:
VIP Front Row: $22, $25 at door
VIP Table-Top: $20, $22 at door
VIP Early Entry General Seating: $18
General Admission at Door: $15

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